US Tour of “Spirit of Akasha” Coming to NY/NJ

Spirit of Akasha is a brand new film by Andrew Kidman made to celebrate 40 years of Albert Falzon’s surfing masterpiece, Morning of the Earth.

Spirit of Akasha premiered to a sold out Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney Festival and has now been screened at film festivals throughout the world including San Sebastian, Germany, France, Holland and Hawaii.

Spirit of Akasha was produced and directed by renowned independent filmmaker, musician and surfer, Andrew Kidman (Litmus, Glass Love, Hope) with the backing and blessing of Albert Falzon, and set out to reimagine Falzon’s film in the context of surfing in the new millennium.

It was filmed around the world during 2012 and 2013, and features surfers such as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Curren, Ellis Ericson, Sam Yoon, Kye and Joel Fitzgerald, Heath Joske, Kelly Slater, Harrison Roach among many others.

In keeping with Morning of the Earth’s ethos, original music was written and recorded for the soundtrack by some of the world’s biggest artists including Matt Corby, POND, Dirty Three, Xavier Rudd, Andrew Kidman and The Windy Hills, Angus Stone, Ben Howard, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Brian Wilson and more.

Spirit of Akasha stays true to Morning of the Earth’s ethos of soul and spirit in surfing, representing surfing as a lifestyle rather than a commercial entity, pays homage to the earlier film and gives tribute to the life and passing of Michael Peterson.

The film revisits the inspiration of single fin surfing and board shapes.

As well as directing and producing Spirit of Akasha, Andrew Kidman and The Windy Hills also contribute a number of key songs to the soundtrack, most importantly the film’s opus, ‘Oh To Be Young’.

In this unique tour of the film and music experience, Andrew and The Windy Hills will be performing prior to the screening of Spirit of Akasha.

Andrew Kidman and The Windy Hills have also recently released their brand new album, Fall of Planet Esoteria.

“Being involved in the creative process of honoring Morning of the Earth in a modern way has been a wonderful experience. Listening to and watching the offerings from the different musicians and filmmakers as they submitted their hommages to Albert Falzon’s 1972 masterpiece was one of the most inspiring things I have ever been involved in.”

Andrew Kidman, Director

“Surfing invokes in us a deep connection with our soul and identifies something that is beyond imagination – beyond words – it gives to us love and beauty – unconditionally, and asks nothing in return.”

Albert Falzon

Akasha is the fifth element, the centre of all things. It is the spiritual force that earth, air, fire and water descend from. It is the combination of these four elements that make up Akasha, and Akasha exists in every living creature.

It is within you – without Akasha, there is no spirit, no soul, no magic…

Praise for Spirit of Akasha:

“Richly rewarding” – Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

“Spirit of Akasha bridges cultures and generations.” – Chris Hollow, Rhythms

“An incredible soundtrack to a stellar film.” – Sam Fell, Rolling Stone

“Spirit of Akasha is a beautiful film.” – Doug Lees, Surfing World

“It’s a surf movie that makes you think, and that is a very rare bird indeed.” – Ben Mondy, Tracks

The soundtrack to Spirit of Akasha is available through Warner Music Australia on iTunes and in all retail stores.

Also available is the original Morning of the Earth Soundtrack, reimagined by artists who appear on the Spirit of Akasha soundtrack.

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