(New York, NY) – SMASH Productions LLC is looking to ruffle a few feathers and completely blow away the New York surf community with the NY tour of Death To Hipsters, a Dark Fall Production. The NY Premiere takes place Wednesday, September 17th, 7PM at Villain, in the heart of the hipster universe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. An encore screening will screen Thursday, 7PM September 18th, at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club in Rockaway Beach, Queens.
Join the creators of the award winning surf film Dark Fall, Alex DePhillipo and Andrew Gesler, in this satire filled surf film that evens the score in the “hipster take-over” of the surf world. Watch Flynn Novak, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, and others as they rip surfing out of the coffee shop and back in to the water, as the film sets out to bring Death to the Hipster in all of us…

Starring Andrew Gesler, Flynn Novak, Rich McMullin, Sam Hammer, Rob Kelly, Mike Gleason, Bruce Irons Christian Fletcher, Kalani Chapman, Michael Anthony, Clay Pollioni, Kai Mana Henry, Brittainy Taylor, Mason Ho, Michael Spahr, and more!
Death to Hipsters will premiere Wednesday, September 17th, at 7PM at Villain, 50 North 3rd St, Brooklyn, New York.
Death to Hipster Encore Screening will be Thursday, September 18th, at 7PM at The Rockaway Beach Surf Club, 3-02 Beach 87th St, Queens, NY

Tickets on Sale:

Note from filmmaker: No hipsters were harmed in the making of this film — actually… maybe we lost a couple. If you are offended by this message, stop wearing your sister’s pants, mixing techno music, and get some goddamn help.


“Death 2 Hipsters” the movie from Dark Fall Productions on Vimeo.

-NY Premiere of Death to Hipsters, Wednesday, Sept 17th, 2014 7PM At Villain, Williamsburg Brooklyn:                                          

-Rockaway Beach Surf Club Premiere of Death to Hipsters, Thursday, Sept 18th, 2014 7PM at The Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Rockaway, Queens:

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