Long Beach, NY- The 2011 NY Fish Fry presented by SMASH will be taking place May 14th or 15th (depending on which day has more favorable conditions) at Lincoln Blvd, Long Beach, NY from 9AM-Onwards.


This is the 5th Annual NY Fish Fry. There will be dozens of boards to ride as in years past. Shapers from both East & West Coast will be on hand with their boards. Some of the Notable Shapers making their way out to the 2011 NY Fish Fry: Richard Kenvin, Josh Hall, Chris Birch, Mike Becker, Mark Petrocelli, Tommy Bunger, Joey “Clams” Falcone and more…

The NY Fish Fry is brought to you by Mollusk Surf Shop, Sundown Surf Shop, Unsound Surf Shop, Maritime Surf Shop, Bunger’s Surf Shop, Nature Shapes, Faktion Surfboards, and RVC Surf Shop

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For more information go to: www.SMASHsurf.com or//fishfryny.blogspot.com/


A bit about the history of the Fish Fry:


The first Fish Fry was held in 2003 at Crystal Pier in San Diego to celebrate Steve Lis’s 1967 design as well as the contributions of subsequent fish shapers such as Skip Frye, Larry Mabile, Rich Pavel, Steve Pendarvis and others.  Longtime fish aficionado, Eric ‘Bird’ Huffman whose surf shop was located nearby and whose brother Rex was a radical kneeboarder in the 70’s, was the brainchild of the event.  I


nspired by a recent batch of fish Skip made for the children of legendary San Diego ding guy Joe Roper and Richard Kenvin’s shredding of a 5’5 Mabile remake of a Lis fish around town, this grassroots event signified the arrival of the post-70’s fish renaissance.  It had begun eleven years earlier in 1992 when Skip built one for Derek Hynd, which Tom Curren immortalized in Sonny Miller’s film ‘The Search 2.’  In 1996 Andrew Kidman and Jon Frank documented Derek riding a Frye fish at Jefferies Bay in ‘Litmus’, which was another sign of its revival.


Joe Roper made fish tacos, Richard Kenvin made t-shirts and they all surfed crumbly beach break together.  Cher Pendarvis, an early female professional surfer, original fish head and present the historic day Jeff Ching stood up on Stevie Lis’ kneeboard to further unlock its high performance potential was in attendance.  As was Reno Abellira who was exposed to the San Diego fish scene during the 1972 World Contest and who later rode one in Australia at the 1977 Coke Classic, which is when Mark Richards found inspiration for his MR twin fins.  Elements of which would go on to influence the late 70’s boards he won four world titles on as well as Simon Anderson whom tired of riding twins, added three fins of the same size creating the thruster and what would become the standard in high performance surfing.


The fish developed in obscurity, combining backyard experimentation and intuitive genius,  planting the seed for future surfboard design and has become relevant now than before.  Most surfers have at least one in their quivers and they can be found in most surf shops. While the Fish Fry no longer happens in San Diego we continue to pay homage to an aesthetic that has inspired many local surfers and shapers but also taps into the underground do-it-yourself punk essence of surfing.


New York legend Ricky Rasmussen passed through San Diego in the early 70’s and is rumored to have brought a fish back to the East Coast with him.  We’ve all seen pictures of him surfing his own fish and it’s easy to imagine. Local shapers like Mike Becker, Mark Petrocelli, Tommy Bunger and Joe Falcone continue to reference the design in their shaping and fish of all fin configurations can be found in the top local shops.

2011 FISH FRY NY will be held the weekend of May 14-15th on whichever day has better waves.  Event to be called on the evening of Friday the 13th. Brought to you by Bunger, Maritime, Mollusk, Sundown Surf Shop,  Unsound Surf Shop, S.M.A.S.H., The Inertia.com and NewYorkSurf.com


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