Jury Check in

The SMASH FEST 1 Jury Panel is made of all New Yorkers who have contributing in some positive way to the local surfing community over the years. These are the surfer’s surfer. They are as core as they come. Some of them run and own local surf shops, shape boards, document the local culture, and others are hardened veterans of the NY surf scene. It doesn’t get much more local than this panel. We choose these personalities because we respect their aesthetics and their contributions to the New York Surfing Community. We are proud to present to you our 2013 SMASH FEST 1 Jury Panel:

Chris Gentile is a visual artist living and working in New York City. He's represented by Jeff Bailey Gallery, NY and Gregory Lind Gallery SF. Chris founded Pilgrim Surf + Supply in 2011.
Danny DiMauro: has been surfing in the Northeast for 36 years. He is the editor at large for Saturday' s Magazine and recently made the award winning film Kook Paradise with Tin Ojeda documenting surf culture in New York. He is currently living in Montauk, NY.
Mike Nelson is UnsOund surf Shop co-owner and a wanna be pro photographer when he has a minute away from work. Mike has been surfing for about 25 years and he claims he still sucks at surfing. He’s also stoked to be on the judging panel
Lenny Valenti grew up on Long Island and began Surfing in the late sixties. He began his career in the Action Sports Industry in 1985 working as a Sales Rep for Surf Industry leaders Rusty Surfboards, Billabong, Reef Sandals, amongst many others. In 2008 he, along with business partner Mike Flammer, created Maritime Surf, and opened their first retail outlet in Long Beach. New York.
Tony Caramonico: Legend and retired pro-surfer Tony Caramanico is a legendary force of nature. A title-winning surfer across five decades (his first win was in 1969), Tony resurged as a nose-riding master in the early '90s after longboarding regained popularity, and is now an esteemed surfing teacher, artist and board designer. He serves as an elder statesman for the Montauk surfing veterans, as well as Zen master to a new school of up-and-comers. Caramanico is a cultural rarity-not only did he manage to revive a pro-surfing career in his 40s, he also never had to shelve his passion for traveling and the sport to hold down a day job; he merely shifted focus so that surfing has sustained him his whole life.
Mark Petrocelli was born and raised on Long Island and been chasing waves around these parts for the last 25 years. In the late 90's he started airbrushing surfboards in Florida and realized that he had a real passion for board building.
There was just something about being in a factory, feeling a shaped blank or the smell of the resin that really intrigue him.... Since then he learned every aspect that goes into making a board and in 2006 started his own label , Faktion Surfboards. He shapes, colors, glass, & sands all the boards start to finish. It's a lot of hard dirty work but he is very grateful to be making a living doing something he loves, not to mention being able to hit the surf whenever it turns on... His goal is to produce a superior product and to put New York on the map for quality handcrafted custom designs.
Tommy Colla: Over the past ten years Thomas Colla's work has come to define the New York surfing experience, capturing the essence of each season and swell. But he swears he's not a photographer. Tommy has documented countless hurricanes and nor'easters at the best spots in the region, had his photographs published internationally and plastered on buildings but will still convince you he's a "fotohack," a "hydrophilic" or some other word denoting an unserious approach from an otherwise committed individual. His approach is that of the ultimate mysto-man creeper and not because he prefers to go to the beach solo or sometimes leaves the state or even the country without mention. He gets you when you least expect it.
Josh Goetz was born and raised surfer from New York who still travels the world in search of good waves. He worked in the surf industry for over 15 years and still follow the tour as well as todays top free surfers. He is very excited to be a part of SMASH FEST.
Michael Machemer is a New York surfer, writer, photographer, curator and vinyl disc jockey. He lives north of 96th street on the island of Manhattan with his wife and daughter.
Rick Anthony has spent the most of his professional career in the motion picture post-production field. He managed film labs and video transfer facilities the processed, transferred and color corrected commercials, episodic TV, documentary and narrative feature films. Rick helped formed the Atlantic Surfing Federation as a member organization of Surfing America, the National Governing Body for the sport of surfing. The ASF has grown rapidly and due to its association with Surfing America, has sent many competitors to the Surfing America USA Surfing Championships. In his capacity of President of the ASF and Director of the NY/NJ district, Rick has continued to bring quality events to the amateur surfers on the East Coast. In addition to Rick’s involvement with amateur surfing, he has also run many professional contests from NY to Florida over the years.
Andrew Blauschild: Drew is a 6th generation New Yorker, 3rd generation surfer (grandmother surfed with Tom Blake in rockaway). He has traveled and taken surf photos all over the world for the past 25 years. Drew was tutored by some of the greatest surfers, shapers, photographers of surf culture. He founded Kookbox surfboards in 2008 and has been privy and a sponge to surf culture icons and there knowledge and stories for the past 20 years.
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