This is our first in a series of hopefully consistent postings of all things surfy. Some of it good. Some of it just plain bad. Either way, it’s an exploration of surf culture and pop culture… Some things will be insightful and some will be just shallow… Enjoy.

Linda Bendon was surfing better than the boys long before Carissa and Steph came about… Classic footage of the trailblazer:

LINDA BENSON from Capitan Surfocker on Vimeo.

Just a reminder: The Heart and The Sea will be premiering March 16th at Anthology Film Archives. Get your Tix here: //

JarredMell THATS

Jarred Mell Hanging Heel from The Heart & The Sea


Another Stokey thing: Free Ride Classic Clip. How’s Rabbit practicing his cross step on the swings…


FREE RIDE (1977) feat. Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew by glide64



Harlem Shake comes to surfing… Let’s see these guys try that up on Malcom X Blvd and 131st…

Harlem Surf & Tour Shake from Yellow-Van Surf Rides on Vimeo.












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