What would you do if your ability to surf was cut short by a stroke or any other sort of ailment. Would you walk away from surfing completely? Or would you find a way to stay connected? John Beattie was faced with this scenario and decided to put all his heart and time into this great project covering Long Island Surfing. The Film is 100 Miles to the End and it is almost done. We have had the great pleasure to have gotten to know John over the last year and we can’t say enough great  things about him. He’s an extremely kind and gently soul who is doing what many of us hope we would do when faced with adversity. Instead of giving up on what he loves, he decided to dive into surfing with more passion and zeal than ever. God bless him. SMASH will be premiering his film this summer. But John needs help with post production costs. Please take a moment out of your day and go on over to his Kickstarter campaign and show him some support.



Now something for the ladies and the queer eye…

aussieBum – SURF SHORTS, www.aussiebum.com from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Tom Carroll eat your hear out..

Kohl Christensen is a legend… Big Puerto!!!

Yesssss! History for ya! David Eggers. Nuff Said!

This is a worthy project to back!

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