It Doesn’t NOT Work: the outer limits of pure surf design: Experimental Surf Craft & Board Swap

May 3-4 2014 @ Picture Farm Gallery

Opening NightSaturday May 3rd 5PM – 10PM   Picture Farm Gallery, 338 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn,  NY 11211

Hosted by  Imaginary Surf Co and SMASH Productions
A surfcraft design show featuring surreal to sublime shapes by East Coast subterranean board builders.  Function is purely subjective when fun is the ultimate goal. Display your failed concepts and accidental discoveries. “It Doesn’t NOT Work” seeks to lift up the hood on surfboard experimentation and design. Boards that are proven to work!! Boards that are proven to NOT work!!
“It Doesn’t NOT Work” will include a boardswap, film screening, prizes and beer!

 It Doesn’t Not Work – Shaper Profile: TJ Nicolich

This board is a prototype design that uses a combination of epoxy, balsa wood, Kevlar, Hollow fiberglass, and a certain special sauce for the final coat. It’s a 2.0 EPS core, vacuum bagged balsa deck, with Kevlar rails. The “special sauce” I’m referring to is a resin – that in general terms is about 20x stronger than epoxy.

Epoxy is about 3x as strong as polyester resin – so this stuff is about 60x than polyester resin is alone. It’s been used as ballistic protection in Iraq and is also used in commercial flooring. For surfboards – it’s flexible, water clear, has no VOC’s, and is 100% solids (as safe as you can get). The downsides are the cost and processing. Naturally it cures almost instantly but the formula I have slows it down to make it workable.
Thomas NicholichIt doesn't Not Work


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