It Doesn’t NOT Work: the outer limits of pure surf design: Experimental Surf Craft & Board Swap

May 3-4 2014 @ Picture Farm Gallery

Opening NightSaturday May 3rd 5PM – 10PM   Picture Farm Gallery, 338 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn,  NY 11211

Hosted by  Imaginary Surf Co and SMASH Productions
A surfcraft design show featuring surreal to sublime shapes by East Coast subterranean board builders.  Function is purely subjective when fun is the ultimate goal. Display your failed concepts and accidental discoveries. “It Doesn’t NOT Work” seeks to lift up the hood on surfboard experimentation and design. Boards that are proven to work!! Boards that are proven to NOT work!!
“It Doesn’t NOT Work” will include a boardswap, film screening, prizes and beer!

 It Doesn’t Not Work – Shaper Profile:  JD San Jose

This is an 8’ Simmons inspired board I call the Dugong. I built it under my new label (coming soon) called Vital Force Surfboards. Simmons inspired boards have been the bulk of what I’ve shaped the past 4 years. Most have been in the 5’ range and a few in the 6’ range. I wanted to do a Mega Simmons for tiny days when I don’t feel like busting out the noserider or for big board fun on a medium size day. The intention is for a super fast planing board that will cruise and roller coaster through little peelers but in medium surf will pull some fun turns and do more than go fast in a straight line. Lightweight EPS/epoxy construction with refined rails, subtle bottom contours and a Twinzer fin setup are used in this design to accomplish that goal.

I designed, shaped, glassed and sanded this board. I shape out of my home shaping space and do my glassing at Undertoe Glassing where I am the resident sander.

JD San Jose dugong_fin_installJD San Jose dugong_vertIt doesn't Not Work

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