SMASH (Surf / Movies / Art / Shaping / History) is a production company founded by Tyler Breuer, a native New Yorker who has been actively involved in the NY surf community for more than two decades. The mission of SMASH is to present, in a public forum, a body of emerging and historical work from the local and global surf community throughout the year. SMASH represents the natural evolution of its founders’ individual past projects, which include art exhibits, live musical performances, websites, blogs and movie premieres and film screenings, including the New York Surf Film Festival. SMASH is an ever-expanding effort to preserve the roots of surfing and surf culture and to educate both newcomers and established members of the surf community about the rich history of surfing while maintaining a strong connection to contemporary surf culture.

A Word from the founders:

Surf Movies: We promote independent filmmaking and the cultivation of underground surf cinema by providing an arena for filmmakers to present their work. While our primary goal is to explore the unadulterated voice of subterranean surf culture we recognize the contributions of mainstream contemporary ‘shred culture’, and welcome both ‘high’ and ‘lowbrow’, corporate and independent, and celebrate how one informs the other.

Art: The concept of ‘surf art’ has become cliché, evoking images of brightly colored paintings of tubular waves and palm trees. While these possess nostalgic value and maintain a place in our hearts, we challenge this singular view with thoughtfully curated exhibits that take a closer look at the notion of surf art through the lens of still photography, cinematography, surfboard construction, wetsuit design, beach fashion and the diverse works of artists and musicians who are inspired by surfing and the ocean.

Shaping: Aside from a breaking wave, surfboards are the most important aspect of surf-riding. Many of the boards we ride today possess elements of those the ancient Hawaiians rode and crafted. It is the shapers who can boast a permanent place in surf history. People pass on from this life, but their designs and the ideas from which they sprung remain, sometimes becoming even more relevant 50 years after their creators pass. We endeavor to promote a deeper understanding of surfboard design through lectures, demos and panel discussions with some of the most renowned shapers in the world, those people who breathe life back into surfing and expand the limits of what we as surfers can do.

History: With the creation of SMASH, we aim to bring to light the profound contributions of artists, shapers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and everyday surfers to the vast and diverse world we call ‘surf culture.’ Our mission is to encourage and promote the discussion about what surf culture was, is and can be by creating an arena in which this dialogue can take place.