8-Year-Old Boy And Father Travel Australian Coast By RV Filming Surf Documentary

Father and son, Toddy and Robinson Stewart, are leaving Manhattan on February 14th to embark on a two-week surf adventure along the coast of Australia and are creating a series of documentary surf films through the eyes of Robinson Stewart—Toddy’s 8-year- old NYC born-and-raised son.

The series, The Boy’s Journey, is a memoir, documentary, and travelogue that will capture the journey of a father and a son, as they explore mythic surf spots neither have been to. It will tell the story of passing knowledge to future generations, and of a father showing his son his worldview—all through the lens of Robinson’s experience.

The Boy’s Journey is a new kind of surf film; replacing massive waves and perfect surfing with the empowering adventure of an 8-year-old boy as he learns his father’s great passion—surfing, and the heritage of the sport. As they travel from Sydney to Brisbane in a rented camper, the documentary will follow the pair as they visit treasured surf communities and friends along the route. Robinson, a “typical” child of Brooklyn, will get a glimpse into a world of surf-infused families and cultures much different from his own.

The inspiration behind The Boy’s Journey stems from a recurring conversation among surfing parents who grew up in the country but and are raising kids in the city. “Our kids see us drive off with our surfboards on top of the car when we drop them at school, then we sit them down in front of surf films and we pull them along to surfy events…but there isn’t really anything for them,” says Toddy. With this journey and film, Toddy hopes to pass forward his passion for surfing and inspire in his son, and other children, a deep connection to surfing and the principles it teaches—community, respect for others and nature, and confidence. Toddy was raised on the West Coast but has lived in Brooklyn, NY for the last 15. He is a Partner, Director and Curator at Picture Farm, a production company and gallery in Brooklyn, NY and also writes a New York surf blog, The Endless Bummer.

The final product will be a single documentary film as well as a series of short webisodes. The Boy’s Journey is being produced to empower and inspire any kid, like Robinson, who dreams about surfing, traveling to distant communities, and experiencing new cultures. The project is self-funded with a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for production and travel costs.

You can go here to contribute: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1697105539/the-boys-journey

Sponsors: The Boy’s Journey is the grateful recipient of sponsorship support from the family’s tight5 knit NYC community, including Token Surfboards, Sundown Surf Shop, Baggu Bags, Pull music company and MPC.

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